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November 26, 2013
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deadmau5 dishin Splinter screencap 2 by deema78 deadmau5 dishin Splinter screencap 2 by deema78
This looks amazing on a brand new LED tv, which is what I used while making it. It looks like sh!t on a few year old, standard LCD tv, which is what I am using now. That sucks.......................

This is a screenshot of one of the pages within ddS. There are 53 icons open and showing in the image....

Another promo screencap image for the upcoming release, deadmau5 Dishin Splinter, which is spectacular, has over twenty pages("interactive wallpapers"), and, i dare say, the most conceptually, artistically, and functionally advanced desktop interface, in history, taking the desktop environment to a new level of information access, storage, and sharing.(Not because of "me", but because of what Splinter allowed me to do).

deadmau5 Dishin Splinter will be released to the public before December 1, 2013.......

More info on the first promo deviation, here… deadmau5 Dishin Splinter Promo Screenshot and Key by deema78

Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, condone the use of drugs. Nor do I have any opinion on others' use of drugs. I believe every adult has the right to make the decision as to what enters their body. My use of Nitrous and "ecstasy"(in the form of the "X" excel icon being dropped from the twitter bird), in no way should suggest any siding on the drug issue. I use it purely becaue it is all part of the culture that comes with this environment, and wish be a realistic as possible. Ya dig?
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Thanks? I am putting the whole splinterface together right now. 20 wallpapers, 800 icons, a storefront, 2 video games, interactive biography timeline, rss feeds, image and music galleries, light shows, etc. One big bonanza, all mau5
LotZa work!
Yes, nearly two months of gathering, manipulating, and creating imagery for the splinterface. Only a few more days, four max, before I release it to the public. I'm spending an extra week on it, than planned, as I want it to be "perfect"...
Takes me weeks also
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